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Fans Are Freaking Out Over Minor Detail In Latest ‘Walking Dead’ Episode

Fans Are Freaking Out Over Minor Detail In Latest ‘Walking Dead’ Episode

Something happened during Sunday evening’s episode of The Walking Dead that could end up being a major turning point in the series.

If you weren’t paying very close attention though, you probably missed it.

After Rick went into battle with an armoured walker and came out victorious, viewers caught a glimpse of something extremely out of place.

Take a look:


Something that suspiciously looks like a plane can be seen moving over Rick’s right shoulder as he smiles.

According to Insider, the object was also in the episode screener press received ahead of airtime.

So was it meant to be there?

Considering how far we are into the zombie apocalypse, it’s highly unlikely that someone is walking around with enough fuel to fly a passenger plane. A more logical explanation would be that someone missed it out in the editing room, but if not, we may have a major turning point coming.

And the minor detail wasn’t missed by viewers:

Considering Rick’s army is currently in pretty piss-poor shape without the help of The Kingdom and Oceanside, someone with a plane may not be a bad ally.

And as we’re learning season by season, the world is a lot bigger than just Rick and his gang.

For the sake of Alexandria, here’s to hoping the unidentified object was really a plane and not a lazy editing mistake.


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