Fans Are Photoshopping This Picture Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars – It’s Pure Genius

Fans Are Photoshopping This Picture Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Stars – It’s Pure Genius

Forget White Walkers, the real battle concerning Games of Thrones is happening right now on Reddit.

On Sunday, Carice van Houten, who plays Melisandre on Game of Thrones, uploaded this picture of herself with her cast mates onto Twitter, ironically captioning the very serious photograph “Happy days.”

As soon as the internet got their hands on the picture, they uploaded it onto the popular subreddit ‘Photoshop Battles,’ where Redditors ran wild with it.

Can you find the minor difference in this picture? Hint, foulball3 captioned it “Hey Sansa, switch with me.”

People were commenting how the northern allies looked like a band, so user Arsequeef went ahead and made them an album cover:

More than one user had the idea to put them on a rollercoaster:

And iamgannon went with the classic “let’s just switch their faces around!” approach:

Okay, this one was a little out of left field but too good to leave off this list. It’s called “Valyrian Steel.”

This is what everyone would look like if they were “kissed by fire.”

And now, for something completely different…

Can you spot the Photoshop in this picture?

And of course, some people couldn’t help but compare these folks to another fellowship (we see you, Ned/Boromir).

Some Redditors, like heathvernon, got really creative:

Like really, really creative…
This feels timely.

This one is for anyone who loves Snow…except Davos, apparently?

And, of course, what better way to wrap up with Photoshop battle than Arya making off with everyone’s faces.

To be honest, she probably needs them more than you guys anyway.

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