Fascinating Facts: 13 Cool, Obscure Historical Facts We Should All Know About

Fascinating Facts: 13 Cool, Obscure Historical Facts We Should All Know About

You won’t find these random historical facts in any text book. Well, you might, I dunno. But we’ll save you the page turning and give ’em to you in nice easy to read blurbs, because c’mon, this is the best way to ingest info.

meesersloth — Gotta use any method of distraction you can come up with.

Winston Churchill would put a thin metal rod in his cigars so the ash wouldn’t fall he would use it as a distraction during debates so his opponent would be distracted as the ash got longer and use it to point.

Riokmij — This man was the master of lies.

Juan Pujol García was a Spanish double-agent working for the Allies during World War II. He was so good at his job that he managed to earn a medal from both sides. He received the Iron Cross from Germany, and became a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

SYLOH — What a combo.

In 1913 Hitler, Trotsky, Tito, Freud and Stalin were all living in Vienna at the same time.

Touristupdatenola — What a badass.

On multiple occasions Stalin sent assassins to kill Tito. All of them failed.
Tito then wrote a telegram to Stalin.
“Stop sending assassins to kill me. They have all failed. If you do not desist, I will send one assassin. He will not fail.”
Stalin desisted.

to_the_tenth_power — This person couldn’t choose just one favorite historical fact.

-After Beethoven went deaf, he found he could affix a metal rod to his piano and bite down on it to hear the vibrations of the piano perfectly.
-In Ancient Rome, there was an act of revolt known as the “Secessions of the Plebians” in which the commoners would evacuate an entire city and leave the elite to fend for themselves.
-The second officer of the Titanic stayed aboard the ship to help others off until he became trapped underwater. A boiler explosion then set him free and he went on to serve in WWII and rescued an additional 120 men at Dunkirk.
-The Great Whiskey Fire of Dublin in 1875 resulted in the deaths of 13 people. None were killed in the actual flame, but rather from alcohol poisoning after they drank the whiskey flowing through the streets.
-Diogenes, an ancient Greek philosopher, noticed a prostitute’s son throwing rocks into a crowd and said, “Careful, son. Don’t hit your father.”

DukeOfCheddar — Uhhh, whoops?

Pope Gregory IX declared that cats were associated with the devil and had them exterminated across Europe. It’s believed that the disappearance of cats helped rats proliferate and spread the bubonic plague.

DanTheTerrible — Now their mainly just hung on the walls of neckbeards.

The katana, the famous sword of the Japanese Samurai, was never an important military weapon. Samurai went into battle armed with bows or polearms, swords were just backup weapons. The katana didn’t become prominent until the Edo period, when the country was unified under one ruler and warfare between Samurai had ceased. The katana was primarily a status symbol, valued because only members of the Samurai class were allowed to carry them.

UpstairsPangolin — Nepotism much?

The major world leaders of WWI were all cousins. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, King George V of England, and Czar Nicholas II of Russia. Czar Nicholas and King George even looked really similar to each other.
Side note, Kaiser and Czar are titles that are both translations of the word Caesar

ThomasMarno — Holy hell that is evil.

The Argentine government under military dictatorship in the 80’s would take people that spoke out against them, raid their homes, take them into custody, strip them, drug them, and toss them out of a plane over the atlantic ocean. They would be considered “missing” or “disappeared”. The total number is about 30,000. Their mothers started protesting on Thursdays in front of the president’s office. They still have the protest meetings, but about other things now.

jacksonflora — We’ve got an atomic whatnot?

When FDR died in office the Manhattan Project (atomic bomb) was so secret that his Vice President didn’t even know about it, and upon taking oath Truman had to be briefed on the existence of the bomb.

Jack_the_ripper1898 — Cute lil army made a friend.

Have said this before, still awesome. In 1886, Lichtenstein went to war for the last time. They sent 80 soldiers. They returned with 81 because the soldiers made a friend.

Bryce2p — He apparently also told them to raise the ransom.

Julius Caesar was once captured by pirates for ransom, during this time he befriended the pirates and would even play games with them, he joked that once he was freed he would return and crucify every one of them. After his ransom was paid and he was free, he quickly amassed a small army and returned to the pirates, he then ordered them to be crucified which they were.

DukeOfCheddar — That’s just wrong.

Charlie Chaplin entered a Charlie Chaplin look-a-like competition in San Francisco. He lost.

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