1.  Saturn rings

Saturns’ rings are, cosmically speaking, a very brief event. We are about halfway through their 200 million year lifespan and are very lucky as a species to be alive to witness them. “Some velociraptor with a telescope looking at Saturn would not have seen rings.”

2. Sea urchins are called “sea urchins” because hedgehogs were called “urchins” until about the 15th century. Therefore, sea urchins are ocean hedgehogs.

3. Immediately after the end of slavery was declared in America, there was a surge in Wanted Ads placed in newspapers across the country. African-Americans used them to search for family members sold or escaped, sometimes decades earlier.

4. All “warranty void if removed” stickers are illegal in the US since 1975.

5. Geoffrey de Charny, a French knight, a veteran of the Hundred Years War, writer of Book of Chivalry, dedicated parts of his book to preventing psychological trauma from warfare, and cautioned his comrades that “when they would be secure from danger, they will be beset by great terrors.”


6.  Jesus

The Greek word for “Carpenter” more accurately translates as “home builder” and since Judea built structures primarily out of stone, Jesus was probably a stonemason.

7. Red hair occurs naturally in 1-2% of the human population. However, in Ireland, the percentage of population with red hair is estimated to be around 10%, making it the world’s highest concentrated population of redheads.

8. British comedian Tony Hawks became so frustrated with being mistaken for pro skateboarder Tony Hawk that he has published a book called “Tony Hawk’s The A to Z of Skateboarding” that contains nothing about skateboarding.

9. FOX network refused to pick up the South Park series, saying the talking poo character (Mr. Hankey) would stain “[their] network.” The series was then brought to Comedy Central, and it became the highest-rated show that made the network one of the fastest-growing U.S. cable channels at the time.

10. Christopher Reeve bulked up over 40lb of muscle mass to play Superman with the help of David Prowse. Superman and Darth Vader were gym buddies.

11.  Horse

The maximum power that can be produced by one horse is 15 Horsepower.

12. George Lucas made the working title of Star Wars Episode II “Jar Jar’s Great Adventure” to troll the cast and crew, even labeling the script as such in the original drafts.

13. The New Zealander singer Wing sent Trey Parker of South Park a letter of thanks as a result of the boost of sales of her records after she was featured in a South Park episode.

14. Cleopatra, while born Egyptian, traced her origins to Greece. She may have been more renowned for her intellect than her appearance. She spoke as many as a dozen languages, was well educated and was later described as a ruler “who elevated the ranks of scholars and enjoyed their company.”

15. American attorney Fred Phelps was excommunicated from Westboro Baptist Church before his death for having a change of heart about his religious beliefs and acknowledging the “Equality House,” a local LGBT support organization, as “good people.”

16.  Proxima Centauri

In 2018, scientists observed Proxima Centauri releasing a superflare so powerful that it scorched its “habitable” planet Proxima Centauri b, therefore eliminating any chance of habitability.

17. At least 43 buildings in New York City actually have their own zip code, due to their size, or amount of people who work there, or money they generate.

18. In 2009, a Californian politician named Michael D. Duvall accidentally left his microphone on during a meeting break and was caught graphically boasting about two different affairs he was having. He resigned less than 15 hours after the story broke.

19. Paul Warner Powell, a convicted killer had his death sentence thrown out when it couldn’t be proven that he had assaulted a girl he had murdered. Believing he was now immune, he sent a taunting letter to the prosecutor, admitting the assault. It was used to successfully re-convict him to death.

20. Queen Elizabeth II is immune from prosecution, can drive without a license, and can fire the Prime Minister of Australia or Canada as she pleases.

21.  Costco

Costco purposefully designed their store without signs to force people to wander through all the aisles and find things to buy.

22. During the Erfurt latrine disaster of 1184, a party of nobles gathered in a room within the Church of St. Peter in Erfurt, right above the latrine pit of the monks. Due to the weight of the party, the floor of the room collapsed and up to 100 nobles died plummeting into the fecal pool.

23. Bill Watterson never licensed Calvin and Hobbes. Anything sold with Calvin and Hobbes on them, such as the Bumper stickers depicting Calvin urinating on something are unlicensed knock-offs. He once said: “Only thieves and vandals have made money on Calvin and Hobbes merchandise.”

24. Garfield phones have been washing up on a beach in France for over 20 years. They have been washing up after shipping container full of them fell off a cargo ship during a storm and the locals can do nothing about it.

25. John Lennon was so fed up with people trying to over-analyze Beatles lyrics and trying to find a hidden meaning in them that he started purposefully putting in meaningless nonsense into songs like “the Walrus was Paul” just to confuse them.


26.  Jafar Panahi

An Iranian director named Jafar Panahi made a documentary about his life as a dissident under house arrest and had it smuggled out of the country on a USB stick hidden inside a birthday cake. He also defied a 20-year filmmaking ban to make the movie.

27. In 1924 the KKK tried to move into South Bend before the Irish Catholic students of Notre Dame drove them out by throwing potatoes.

28. In Frasier, many of the callers to Frasier’s show were celebrities who phoned their lines into the studio without having to appear in person. Celebrities who called in include Christopher Reeve, Eddie Van Halen, Jay Leno, Matthew Broderick, Timothy Leary, Macauley Culkin, and Kevin Bacon.

29. Plebeians from the Roman Empire abandoned the city in a form of protest, known as Secessio plebis, leaving the streets completely empty and the wealthy unable to enforce their power.

30. The Co-founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, bought 28,100 acres of land in the U.S. for $23 million. His long term plan is to retire to the region. And his short term plan – to stop the logging operations and preserve the country.


31.  Thermal paper

According to the EPA, handling most receipt paper (aka thermal paper) is likely dangerous to your health, due to the high levels of BPA, and using hand sanitizer before handling a receipt exponentially increases the amount of the chemical you absorb into your body.

32. Researchers played nonstop loops of Led Zeppelin, A Tribe Called Quest and Mozart to cheese wheels to find out how sound waves impacted flavor. Cheese wheels that were exposed to hip hop music had the strongest flavor.

33. Georges Cuvier, the father of paleontology, established the idea of species becoming ‘extinct’ as a fact. Until the late 18th century, ‘extinction’ of species was unthinkable because God would not wipe out the entire species he created for his divine plan.

34. A neutron star is so dense that a matchbox-sized portion of one would weigh 3 billion tons.

35. 9 missing episodes of the 1960s Dr. Who series were found in a TV station in Nigeria. They’d been left there in the 60s-70s for foreign syndication. It was the largest haul of classic Who episodes ever recovered in the last three decades.

36.  Peregrine falcons

New York City has the highest concentration of nesting Peregrine falcons in the world. The birds can soar over the city by taking advantage of updrafts from skyscrapers. Pigeons are widely available for food, which also negates their need to migrate.

37. Zofia Rydet was a Polish photographer who, at the age of 67, decided to try to shoot the interior of every home in Poland. Over the final 19 years of her life, she shot 20,000 images. She said, “The simplest, most ordinary documentary picture becomes a great truth about human fate.”

38. During the Irish Potato Famine, the poor were hired for useless construction projects called ‘famine follies’ in order to provide them with work that would not take existing work away from other workers. These included roads in the middle of nowhere, between two seemingly random points.

39. The IRS and the USPS both have a plan in place in case of a nuclear war. The IRS has an employee handbook called the “Internal Revenue Manual” that details how to collect taxes after the nukes. The USPS will continue delivering mail and has 60 million change-of-address forms prepared.

40. The US two-dollar bill is still being produced today. Its apparent rarity is in part due to the common misconception that it is no longer being produced, causing people to collect them, thus pulling them out of circulation.

41.  Giant manta ray

Giant manta ray has the largest brain of any fish — with specially developed areas for learning, problem-solving and communicating. Giant manta rays are known to be playful and curious and might even recognize themselves in mirrors, a sign of self-awareness.

42. When Elvis Presley’s debut single was first played on the local radio station, he was invited for an on-air interview. The DJ asked Elvis which high school he attended: a roundabout way of informing the audience of his race without actually asking the question.

43. The beat of the Mission: Impossible theme song spells the letters M.I. in Morse Code: dash dash-dot dot).

44. John D. Rockefeller once had an apprenticeship making $16 per month and his dream as a kid was to make $100,000. His personal fortune ended up being $1.4 billion by 1937 which makes him the wealthiest person in recent history.

45. Orange Crush soda originally had orange pulp in the bottles, giving it a “fresh squeezed” illusion even though the raw pulp was merely added during bottling, rather than actually being the remains from freshly squeezed oranges.

46.  Dominique Dunne

A day before she was to guest star on Hill Street Blues (1981), Dominique Dunne was badly beaten by her boyfriend. She showed up on the set with bruises on her face with no makeup; since she was playing an abused teen in the episode. The bruises we see in the episode are real.

47. The original Black and White set for the Addams Family was actually pink because it looks better on Black and White screen.

48. The disclaimer that now appears at the end of every American film, (“The preceding was a work of fiction, any similarity to a living person…”) first appeared because Rasputin’s assassin Felix Yusupov successfully sued MGM for libel against his wife in the movie “Rasputin and the Empress.”

49. The largest octopus species in the world, the giant Pacific octopus, has three hearts, nine brains, and blue blood.

50. Monte Melkonian was an American citizen, who joined the Nagorno-Karabakh war in the early ’90s. With the little military experience, he rose to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in command of 4 thousand men. He is recognized as a hero in Armenia with statues standing today in his honor.

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