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Gathering knowledge is basic to nature of human. We love to know about new things and facts. But often we chance upon some facts or incidents which are simply too negative to handle. Facts such as “Mercy Deaths of Nazis” are better left unsaid and unheard. They are typical a**hole fact but nonetheless, they are true. If you are interested in venturing into the dark side of the world, then here is a list of ten a**hole facts that will ruin the fun for everyone. Part 1 | Part 2

1. Bestselling author and feminist Marion Zimmer Bradley was a vicious pedophile, victimizing her daughter among others.

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Marion Zimmer Bradley is a late American author of bestselling fantasy novels such as The Mists of Avalon and the “Darkover” series. Through her novel, she had championed women’s rights and was a well known feminist. But in 2014 her daughter, Moira Greyland, accused her of sexual abuse from the age of three to twelve. She was also molested by her father, Walter H. Breen, and her mother knew about it but chose not to report him.  Moira Greyland has claimed that she was not the only victim. In an email to The Guardian she wrote: “The first time she molested me, I was three. The last time, I was 12, and able to walk away … She was cruel and violent, as well as completely out of her mind sexually. I am not her only victim, nor were her only victims girls.”(1,2)

2. An explorer once found a compound, calanolide A, in certain trees in the Malaysian rainforest. Researchers found out that it has anti-HIV properties, but they couldn’t find another sample for nine years as almost all the tree of that species had been cut down for firewood and building material.

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When botanist John Burley visited the Malaysian state of Sarawak in 1987, he brought back with him a sample from the tree species of Calophyllum lanigerum. The U.S. National Cancer Institute tested the compound as a possible cancer treatment without success. But later, it was found to have potent anti-HIV properties. When Burley returned to Malaysia, he found there were no trees left of that particular species. All the trees had been cut down for fuel and building material. Eventually, a few existing species were located in the Singapore Botanic Garden. The plant source is so rare that a total synthesis of the compound was developed nine years later in 1996.(source)

3. If a person survives Ebola infection and the symptoms cease, the Ebola virus can still be transmitted through his semen for up to six months.

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People who survive Ebola have antibodies to the virus for up to ten years. But the virus may remain in some parts of their body such as testes, eyes, and spinal fluid. These parts are not easily reached by the immune system so the virus may survive in the fluids of these parts. Ebola virus has been found in the semen of some men who have recovered from the disease. It can also stay in breast milk for some time after recovery.(source)

4. Studies have shown that those who carry firearms with them are about four to five times more likely to be shot than those who do not carry.

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According to National Rifle Association, guns offers protection. They also state that personal firearms prevent rape. To test this theory, Prof Charles Branas and his colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania investigated the link between gun possession and gun assault. They compared 677 cases in which people were injured in a shooting incident with 684 people living in the same area and had not suffered any gun injury. They released the result in a 2009 paper which states that people with firearms are four to five times more likely to be shot than those without them.(source)

5. A female born in South Africa has a greater chance of being raped in her lifetime than learning how to read.

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South Africa has one of the highest reported rates of rape in the world. Incidences of domestic violence and child abuse are alarmingly high. In the year 1994, 18,801 cases of rapes were reported. The figure increased by 2,892 by 2001. Also, there has been about 400% increase in child abuse over the past decade. Three-quarters of men who perpetrate rape do it before the age of 20. Even in schools of South Africa, thirty percent of young women have reported being raped. According to Childline, one in four girls in South Africa face the prospect of being raped before the age of 16.(1,2)

6. Most animated Disney characters do not have a mother. That’s because Walt Disney lost his mother due to a gas leak in their furnace when he relocated his parents to a new home. He feels personally responsible for their death.

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There is a common feature among most Disney animated movies: young protagonists growing up without a mother. Movies like Snow White, Bambi, Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, Aladdin and many others feture a character which has either lost a mother or she is not mentioned. Don Hahn, who had worked on Disney classics such as The Lion King and The Night Before Christmas, gave the explanation in an interview.

In 1937 Walt and his brother Ray purchased a home in Los Angeles for their parents. After about a year, his mother called one morning in November and asked him to send someone to fix the leaking gas furnace. Walt sent some studio workers to fix it. But they couldn’t fix it properly. Next morning the housekeeper came and pulled his mother and father out on the front lawn. His father was sick due to the gas but unfortunately, his mother died. According to Don Hahn, Walt never spoke about it as he felt personally responsible for her death.(source)

7. The first people the Nazi’s gassed were not the Jews. They were the mentally or terminally ill family members of normal Germans. The families would get a letter that their family member was being transferred, then about six weeks later they would get a letter saying that they had a heart attack or something and died.

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In October 1939. Adolf Hitler signed a “euthanasia decree”. According to this decree, the chief of his Chancellery, Philipp Bouhler, and his personal physician, Karl Brandt, could perform euthanasia on a patient. They were authorized to select incurably sick patients and then administer them “mercy death” by using lethal gas. This program was called “Aktion T4,” and it officially ran from September 1939 to August 1941. During this period 70,273 people were killed at various extermination centers in Germany and Austria.(source)

8. Judith Barsi, the 10-year-old girl who provided the voice of Ducky in The Land Before Time, was shot by her father and then set on fire. Her mother met the same fate.

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Born on June 6, 1978, Judith Barsi acted in television and movies since the age of 5. She was a successful child artist and by the time she started fourth grade, Judith was earning about $100,000 a year. But her father József was not happy with her success. He routinely threatened to kill her and her mother. He even used physical violence against Judith.

On the evening of July 25, 1988, József shot Judith in her head while she was sleeping, and then murdered his wife Maria. He wandered around the house for the next two days. On the third day, he poured gasoline over the bodies and set them on fire. Then he went to the garage and shot himself in the head.(source)

9. Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea is a growing problem. It can be transferred more easily than other STIs/STDs, and you can get it from oral sex.

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Gonorrhea is the second most frequently occurring STD. It is usually treated with cephalosporin antibiotics. But unfortunately, the gonorrhea bacteria has progressively developed a resistance to this drug. The new antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea infects the mucosal surface of genitals and throat. So, it can be transmitted via the mouth, penis, vagina, or anus of the infected person.(1,2)

10. There exist large outdoor labs called “body farms” where dead bodies are left to rot so that forensic scientists and students can study the decomposition to learn to make better estimations of time of death.

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Until the 1970s, pig remains were used to study the process of decomposition. During this period anthropologist, William Bass, came to the conclusion that we actually know very little about human body decomposition. So, in 1972 he invented “body farm”. It is a research facility where dead human bodies are placed outside to face the elements of nature. In this way, forensic scientists could study the various levels of decomposition. Body farms are also used to teach forensic students to estimate the timing of death according to the level of decomposition of human remains. In United States, six such facilities exists. The largest one is at the Texas State University at Freeman Ranch spread out over twenty-six acres.(source)



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