FASCINATING FACTS OF THE DAY: 10 Random Fun Facts To Kill Your Boredom

Charles Dickens coined the term “boredom” in his novel Bleak House. Since then, boredom has been ubiquitous and one of the most used word. Boredom is a psychological state in which there is no stimulation and lack of attention that most people find unpleasant. But, on the other hand, fun is an opposite situation that kills boredom. Therefore, here, we present some random fun facts that will shower your brain with dopamine and stimulate your Amygdala (Hopefully!).

1. Life doesn’t give you lemons. Lemon is not a naturally occurring fruit. It is a hybrid of citron.

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Rumored to be first grown in Assam (Northeast India), Burma or China, the study of the genetic origin of lemon reported it to be a hybrid between bitter orange and citron. Bitter orange itself is also a hybrid between Pomelo and Mandarin, two distinct citrus species. Being high in citric acid and Vitamin C, lemons contain many phytochemicals and add a zest to your dinner table. But just keep in mind that when next time you hear “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, you will know better!(1,2)

2. A bear was enlisted in the polish army who was later promoted to corporal. He drank, smoked, and carried weapons to the battlefront. His name was Private Wojtek.

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Polish ll Corps soldiers purchased a Syrian brown bear in Iran. In order to provide for his rations and transportation, they enlisted him as Private Wojtek. He accompanied Polish Corps to Italy and helped them move ammunition during the Battle of Monte Cassino in Italy in 1944. His favorite drink was beer, and he loved smoking cigarettes. He used to wrestle with soldiers and has even learned how to salute. He became a celebrity known by both soldiers and civilians. Moreover, he was even promoted to corporal. After the war, he spent the rest of his life at the Edinburgh Zoo. He was a frequent guest on BBC’s program Blue Peter, which was for children. Wojtek died at the age of 21, in December 1963.(source)

3. In Scandinavian languages, the word for “married” is “gift “which is a synonym for “poison”.

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There are many Swedish words that look like English ones. They are usually pronounced differently. Further, some have meanings that will make you laugh a lot (Bra means good in Sweden!). But here is a word that will intrigue you with its implications. The Swedish word for “married” is “gift” (pronounced ‘yift’). Also, the synonym for “gift” is poison or venom. What is ironic is that Sweden is a country with the highest divorce rates. The figures reached the peak in 2013 with more than 25,000 couples divorcing, the highest since 1975. An advice: Don’t marry in Sweden, it could be poisonous!(1,2)

4. Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Slash once caught David Bowie naked with his mother.

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Yes, the ‘Thin white Duke’ did get it on with Slash’s mother. The legendary guitarist revealed that he once walked in his mother’s room and saw David Bowie was naked when he was eight years old. Ola J Hudson, Slash’s mother, who passed away in 2009, was a costume designer for many celebrities including Bowie. She worked on his costumes during the whole Thin White Duke period and The Man Who Fell to the Earth movie. Slash confessed that it should have been a professional relationship. He added that it turned into a mysterious romance, and they were always together during that time. He also said that it was freaky considering the circumstances. (we can’t deny that!)(source)

5. A Norwegian student spent $27 on bitcoins and forget about it. A few years later, they were worth $886K.Image source: thenextweb, coindesk

Kristoffer Koch invested 150 kroner ($26.60) on 5000 bitcoins in 2009 when he was enlightened after writing a thesis on encryption. He soon forgot about them including his private bitcoin wallet key. His memory got refreshed due to widespread media coverage of bitcoins in 2013. After taking the successful hint at his password, he was surprised to find out that his 5000 bitcoins were now worth $886,000. He exchanged 1/5th of his bitcoins and got himself an apartment in the wealthiest suburbs in the Norwegian capital, Toyen. Well, laxness can be a bit of bliss sometimes!(source)

6. Vikings used to stuff a virgin girl with psychedelic mushrooms and then drink her urine before battle.

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Vikings used to feed virgin girls with mushrooms (Amanita muscaria) and used to drink their urine before battles to get them into their berserker rages. This is a widely-discussed and intriguing phenomenon first proposed by Swedish professor Samuel Odmann. He based this claim on reports that fly agaric was used by Siberian shamans. The evidence that supports this theory is the fact that Amanita muscaria is quite common in Scandinavia. Also, Amanita is considered to be toxic and has unpredictable side effects.  However, once ingested kidneys pass potent quantities of Psychoactive agent while filtering out other chemicals, reducing side effect. This urine can be used to get high without side effects. As for girls being a virgin, it may have been done to give a religious angle to the whole process.(1,2)

7. The inside of your cheeks is made of the same tissue as the inside of the vagina.

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Your mouth is basically a vagina! The reason is stratified squamous epithelium. This epithelium lines both vagina and mouth on the inside. This epithelium is best suited for areas of constant abrasion as it is the thickest tissue, and cells can be easily sloughed off replaced. Tissues from mouth have been successfully transplanted during a surgical procedure to help young girls who are missing vagina. This fact may help explain the mysteries of oral sex. Now, don’t go on putting your finger in your mouth to cop a feel!(1,2)

8. The Lyrebird can mimic the sounds of chainsaws and motorized cameras, and it uses this ability to lure in the ladies.

Lyrebirds are either two species of ground-dwelling Australian birds. They are famous for their vocal repertoire and mimicry. A lyrebird’s song is the most distinctive aspect of his behavior. Lyrebird’s song includes its own noises as well as the noise of anything that comes in contact with it. Moreover, Lyrebird perfectly mimics the sound of other birds, animals as well as chainsaws, rifle shots, fire alarms, mobile phone ring tones, etc. Although they sing through entire year, their intensity is maximum during breeding season (June-August). The lyrebird’s syrinx is most complexly muscled among all passerines (song birds). Also, females are less skillful than males in mimicry. Also a young one takes almost a year to perfect their mimicked repertoire.(source)

9. There is a species of octopus called Argonaut that stores up sperm in his penis/testicle, and when he finds the perfect mate, he literally detaches his penis and gives it to her.

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Argonaut octopuses have quite a few quirks. They don’t have a true cephalopod shell since their females secrete paper thin egg case to maintain buoyancy. Male Argonauts don’t have shells. Argonauts show sexual dimorphism. Females grow up to 10 cm (30 cm, including shell) while male rarely crosses 2 cm. As for reproduction, males have a modified tentacle called Hectocotylus which stores Spermatophores. During mating, male Argonauts usually give their sperm-loaded Hectocotylus to females and swim away to safety. The detached hectocotylus swims to reach the pallial cavity (octopus vagina) of females successfully ready to use whenever they need sperm. Also, unlike other male octopus, male Argonauts don’t die after mating and grow hectocotylus again for the next mating season. As for females, they can get pregnant many times and even store more than one hectocotylus in their mantle.(1,2)

10. Crows have accents depending on the region they come from.

Image source: Johann Schumacher/VIREO

If you thought only humans had to deal with accents, then you are wrong. Even birds sing in dialects that are distinct to avian ear. There are local differences in the songs of a particular species. Hence, you may not be able to distinguish a Boston crow from a Mississippi crow by its accent, but crows can. There are many theories regarding the significance of this accent variation. Birds usually choose a mate with the same dialect to preserve local genes and adapt better to the local environment. Also, females can get a feel about the biological fitness of the males from their accents. The female cowbirds responded more frequently to a local dialect than a male with “foreign” accent in a research. Birds sure like to keep it close!(source)

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