FASCINATING FACTS OF THE DAY: 15 Most Disturbing Facts And Incidents


There is a thin line that distinguishes what is rational from what is disturbing. What could start out as a legitimate act of rationality may end up as one of the most disturbing acts of human society. Observers have collated few of the most disturbing facts for posterity; the collection serves as a warning beacon or it makes a fascinating read as one plows through the depravity of humans. Here are 15 instances of the most disturbing facts and incidents that created a stir during their heydays…

1. Joyce Vincent

She died in a bedsit in 2003. Discovered 3 years later with the TV still on, she had Christmas presents wrapped nearby.

Image source: wikipedia commons

In the spring of January 25, 2006, the bailiffs working for the Metropolitan Housing Association repossessing the bedsit for non-payment of dues made a gruesome discovery. On breaking open the door of the flat, they found the skeletal remains of a woman surrounded by Christmas gifts who had been dead since 2003. The flickering lights of the television, which miraculously was still running cast an eerie glow on the woman. It was a sight that haunted the British community for a long time.

The room heater warmed the body of lifeless Joyce Carol Vincent. She was a British citizen of Caribbean origin. The police believe that Joyce was running away from an abusive relationship and rented the bedsit from the housing body to remain hidden from her boyfriend.

Prior to her death, Joyce had begun to withdraw from the society. She even cut off all ties with her family and close friends.

Joyce Vincent died alone, surrounded by Christmas gifts covered with attractive wrappers. The police believe that she may have died of sudden complications arising from an Asthma attack or from a flare up of peptic ulcer (she was being treated for this at the time of her death).

Since her neighborhood was surrounded by drug addicts, none paid any attention to the loud television and the stench emanating from the decaying body was attributed to the garbage bin situated close to the block. The lonely fate of Joyce Vincent would have continued had the arrears on rent not accrued and the housing body not moved in to regain the bedsit.(source)

2. The Flatwoods monster

Gene Lemon allegedly discovered a 10-foot tall alien in the countryside of Flatwoods. The reptilian like creature that supposedly came from a ball of fire was known as Flatwoods monster.

Image source

Variously known as the Flatwoods monster or the Braxton County monster or the phantom of Flatwoods, the alleged extraterrestrial entity was sighted in Flatwoods in 1952 by National Guardsman Eugene ‘gene’ Lemon, who went to investigate the crashing ball of fire reported by three boys aged 13,12 and 10 respectively.

Gene rushed to the crash site accompanied by Kathleen May (the boy’s mother), his dog and two other boys Neil Nunley and Ronnie Shavers. Lemon’s Dog plunged ahead, barking wildly, but soon raced back with its tail tucked firmly between its legs.

Moving ahead, the group saw a throbbing ball of fire. They also saw a pungent mist that made their eyes water and nose burn. Lemon saw two orbs of light towards his left. He swiveled his torch there. The light from the flash revealed a reptile-like alien who hissed when it was spotted. The creature began to move towards the group. Then, it suddenly stopped and moved towards the ball of fire.

The terrified group made their way back to their house and informed the local authorities. Gene and the dog which had inhaled the pungent mist fell ill. Gene Lemon recovered after a few days, but the dog succumbed to his death.(source)

3. Tamam Shud Case

An unidentified man with a scrap of torn paper from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat that read “Tamam Shud” was found dead on Somerton beach, South of Adelaide at 6:30am, on December 1, 1948. The unsolved case came to be known as Tamam Shud case which meant “Ended” or “Finished” in Persian

Image source

During the early morning of December 1, 1948, an unidentified male Caucasian was found dead on Somerton Beach, Glenelg, South of Adelaide, Australia. The man looked relaxed and appeared to be sleeping.

The police, on their arrival, discovered an unused second class ticket from Adelaide to Henley Beach, an unlit cigarette nestled in his right collar, an American comb, a bus ticket, half empty packet of chewing gum and an Army Club Cigarette pack containing 7 Kenistas cigarettes.

A thorough search of his pocket revealed a torn scrap of paper that read “Tamam Shud”. The phrase was used on the last page of Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat. Tamam Shud meant “ended” or “finished” in Persian. The page turned to out be torn from a particular copy of the Rubaiyat. In addition to the mysterious scrap,  the police discovered that unknown person/s had carefully removed all the labels from his shirt and pants, effectively reducing the chances of identification.

The mystery behind the Tamam Shud case deepened when a few days later a businessman stepped forward declaring that his brother found Edward Fitzgerald’s translation of Rubaiyat in the back seat of his unlocked car. The car was parked in Glenelg on the day of the murder. The last page of the book was missing. In the back of the book were five lines of capital letters with the second line cut out. They were assumed to be a code.

The unsolved case is considered one of Australia’s greatest mysteries.(1 2)

4. Scaphism

A torturous method of death devised by ancient Persians who forcibly fed honey and milk to the prisoner causing forcible evacuation of bowels which attracted insects that proceeded to eat him inside out.

Image source: www.tanogrimm.com

Scaphism is a barbaric torture method devised by the Persians to prolong the death of their enemies. In Scaphism, the body of the prisoner would be placed inside a hollow canoe or tree trunk. His head, hands, and legs would protrude out. Another canoe would be nailed down on it, confining his body within the hollow chamber.

His exposed body such as eyes, ears, anus would be covered in honey to attract insects. Honey and milk would be force fed to the prisoner causing diarrhea. The prisoner would be left out in the sun or left to float in a stagnant pool. The accumulated feces and the honey smeared on the prisoner’s body would attract worms, wasps, and bees.

The worms would proceed to devour him from inside. The loss of blood supply would cause gangrene and resultant shock. The bees and wasps would sting the open face and arms of the man. Dehydration and delirium would set in almost simultaneously. The man would die a slow and agonizing death being eaten alive by the worms. (12)

5. Rat King

The Rat King is a disgusting situation when a group of rats become intertwined at the tails and are joined together  with blood,dirt and excrement.

Image source: wikipedia commons

A Rat King occurs when a number of rats are interlinked together at their tails. The entwined rat’s continue to grow individually. The tails may get intertwined due to dirt, blood or excrement. This peculiar phenomenon is associated with Germany where a number of such cases have been recorded.
The incidence of the Rat King has come down after the brown rats replaced the black rat population during the 18th century.(source)

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