FASCINATING FACTS OF THE DAY: 15 Facts And Incidents That Are Perfect Examples Of Irony At Its Best

Life is full of irony. When we expect one thing to happen but the opposite of it happens in an entirely unexpected way we are left with an interesting mixture of wry surprise and denial. Every one of us has experienced such situations that leave us in a place where we are left absolutely out of words to say.  But there are some incidents that are far more ironic and defy human imagination. It’s almost as if mysterious powers are having fun at our expense. Here are some totally ironic facts and incidents, for your amusement, that are just too unbelievable, but true nonetheless.

1. Philip A. Contos, a motorcyclist who was riding in a protest against helmet laws, died after he flipped over his handlebars and hit his head on the pavement.

Image Source: youtube

The 55-year-old motorcyclist was participating in an anti-helmet rally in Onondaga, a town in New York near Syracuse. According to the police he hit his brakes and the motorcycle fishtailed. He lost control of the vehicle and got flipped over the handlebars. He died because of his injuries to the head and might have survived if he was wearing a helmet, according to state troopers.(source)

2. J. J. Thomson won the Nobel Prize in Physics (1906) for showing that cathode rays contained charged “particles” called electrons. In the year 1937, his son, G. P. Thomson, won the same for showing that electrons are “waves”.

Image Source: britannica, Wikimedia Commons

J. J. Thomson is known for his discovery of electrons, the negatively charged particles that were previously unknown. He calculated that the cathode rays must have bodies smaller than atoms with very small mass and negative charge. His son on the other hand, discovered the wave properties of electron through diffraction. He was also one among the seven of J. J. Thomson’s students who became Nobel Prize winners.(source)

3. No one knows who invented the fire hydrant because the patent office burned to the ground in 1836 destroying all US patent records.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

There were many inventors who over the years developed the fire hydrants and it cannot be clearly told who developed it first. The beginnings of modern post or pillar type hydrant were around 1801 and the design is usually credited to Mr. Frederick Graff Sr., which cannot, however, be confirmed because of the fire accident in the patent office.(source)

4. The lawyers who Donald Trump hired to defend him from the lawsuits by unpaid workers are suing him for unpaid bills.

Image source

According to USA Today Network, Donald Trump was involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits over the past three decades. At least 60 of the lawsuits that were analyzed had people who weren’t paid for their services by him. They included people from various fields, hourly workers at his resorts, real estate brokers, carpenters, bartenders, and ironically several law firms that once represented him in the lawsuits with them all.(source)

5. Mithridates VI, the King of Pontus, was so paranoid of being poisoned that he took small doses of poison all his life to build immunity. When he was defeated by the Romans, he tried to kill himself with poison but couldn’t because he was immune.

Image Source: spunkybong, Wikimedia Commons

After his father’s assassination by poison, Mithridates spent seven years in the wild and took regular doses of poison to build immunity against it. He gave poison to his family when he was defeated by the Romans, and took the rest of it himself. But, by that time his body was so inured to the poison that it didn’t work on him.(source)

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