FASCINATING FACTS OF THE DAY: 18 Cool Things Your School Teachers Never Taught You


We are all taught so many things at school, both boring and interesting stuff that is meant to help us understand the world around us better. But, how many of us could understand what the teachers taught us right away? Or sometimes even after a few repeated explanations? We would have found it much easier to understand what we were taught if we saw it in action, with visual demonstrations.

So, we have found some cool things in the form of GIFs and images that will help you visualize and understand better the things that might have eluded you at school.

1. Three 90-degree angles in curved space

Three 90-degree angles in curved space
Image credit: MinutePhysics/youtube

This is one of the reasons we know Earth is round.

2. This would help you if you ever had trouble with the logic of parallel parking.

parallel parkingImage source: imgur

3. Physics is phun

how physics work
Image courtesy: Frank Noschese/Mythbusters

Mythbusters fire a soccer ball at 50mph out of a cannon on a truck driving at 50mph in the opposite direction.

4. What happens when you put on sun cream

how sun sees you
Image credit: Thomas Leveritt/youtube

Artist Thomas Leveritt set up an ultraviolet camera and viewing monitor in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park to show people what their skin looks like in ultraviolet light.

5. The difference between Earth’s axial tilts during winter and summer solstices.

Axial title
Image source: maps.unomaha.edu

6. Real life demonstration of Pythagoras’ theorem: a2+b2=c2

Pythagorean TheoramImage source: youtube

Hence proved!


7. The river changing its course over the years

River change with years
Image source: imgur

8. In case you ever find yourself in an emergency, here is a way to cut the rope. 

cut rope in an emergency
Image courtesy: DaveHax/youtube

9. A slow motion of how dogs actually drink water

How dogs actually drink water
Image source: Alex Boyle/youtube

10. If you are wondering how a key unlocks your door…

How Keys Work
Image source: delima.soup.io

11. How braces change your teeth from crooked to perfect…

How braces affect your teeth
Image source: ernestmccallum/youtube

12. What happens when you squeeze an orange peel onto a candle flame…

Squeezing a orange peel onto a flame
Image courtesy: NightHawkInLight/youtube
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