FASCINATING FACTS: Top 10 Greatest Inventions In History

The Wheel, invented ca. 3,500 BC.[4]

The wheel revolutionized travel and trade and continues to be a staple of everyday human life.

The Printing Press, invented by Bi Sheng (1045) in China and Johann Gutenberg (1450) in Germany.[3]

The ability to inexpensively produce books on a large scale paved the way for the transmission of ideas and general education.

Steel, invented ca. 1,800 BC.[3]

The modern world is cast in steel, and this amazing metal has long been used to make the best arms and armor.

Firearms, invented 11th century AD.[3]

Black powder weapons changed warfare forever, and traditional power structures with it. Firearms’ relative ease of use took martial power out of the hands of aristocratic elites and placed it in everyone’s hands.

The Computer, invented and refined between 1822 and 1950.[2][3]

For many people in the modern world, a day doesn’t go by in which they aren’t reliant upon the use of one or more computers.

The Steam Engine, invented by Thomas Savery (1698) in England.[2][3]

The steam engine powered factories, ships, and trains, and paved the way for later engine designs, such as the internal combustion engine.

The Electric Light Bulb, invented by Thomas Edison (1879) in the USA.[2][3]

Without electric light we would still be dependent upon natural light and expensive, inefficient light sources like coal and oil.

Penicillin, discovered by Alexander Fleming (1928) in Scotland.[1][2]

Arguably the most important medical discovery of the 20th century, penicillin and later antibiotics have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

The Compass, invented in China, 5th Century BC.[2][3]

The magnetic compass greatly aided maritime travel, allowing for the expansion of exploration, trade, and warfare.

The Internet, invented in the USA, 1983.[4]

While the Internet is still in its infancy, it has already had an incalculable effect on nearly every aspect of human life.


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