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The Most Fascinatingly Peculiar Comic Books Released In September 2017

The Most Fascinatingly Peculiar Comic Books Released In September 2017


We are living in the golden age of wacky comic books. Or is it the Silver Age? Modern? Whatever. I don’t want to nerd this place up immediately and lose half of you right off the bat. The point I’m trying to make is that comics are so much more diverse and accessible than they used to be, and the funniest part of that is seeing the crazy concoctions, crossovers, and all out lunacy that hits the shelves every month.

Kingsman: The Red Diamond #1 

This is the follow-up to Mark Millar’s The Secret Service, which was turned into a movie franchise known as Kingsman. However, despite this book coming out weeks prior to Kingsman: The Golden Circle, it didn’t pull its inspiration from it again, instead opting for a completely new story. Crap, now we can’t even compare the two. Hell, Millar didn’t even write Red Diamond. Is that confusing enough to make this list?


Dastardly & Muttley #1 

It’s Dastardly and Muttley of Hanna-Barbera fame like you’ve never seen them before…but mainly Muttley. As you can see, he’s some sort of mutated dog-man in this comic, which was written by Garth Ennis. Any questions? Oh, tons? Good. Judging from reviews, you aren’t alone.


Fruit Ninja #1 

Even the solicitation for this cheap cash grab of a comic based on a phone game can’t take itself seriously (but that seems to be the point): Based on the BILLION-times-downloaded game! The FRUIT NINJAS have mastered the art of Juice Jitsu (no, really) which unlocks hidden powers through the slicing of fruit (seriously) so they can protect their neighbors from time-traveling super-villains! (still with us?) PLUS: An ANCIENT FRUIT NINJAS tale from a thousand years ago, featuring a PIG and a PEACH! PLUS PLUS: A JETPACK JOYRIDE tale featuring a dude with a jetpack battling flying hippos with buttercream-based weaponry! HOW did we fit ALL this ridiculously amazingly dumb stuff into ONE issue? PAY MONEY TO FIND OUT!


Retcon #1 

For those unfamiliar with comic book lingo, retconning is essentially changing an already established backstory. In this case, they seem to be capitalizing on the notion, only from the get-go. Wait, what? No, really: The reboot of a comic book miniseries that has never existed begins with an all-new, all-different issue #1! Time to travel back and jump in on this comic while it was new!


Wonder Woman / Conan #1 

DC’s all about the crossovers lately, and people are digging it because big names in the comic world are actually writing them. And there’s no one bigger in the WW / Conan market than Gail Simone.


Big Trouble in Little China: Old Man Jack #1

You’ve heard of Old Man Logan, but an elderly Jack Burton from Big Trouble in Little China? Were intrigued, especially with John Carpenter aboard as co-writer.


President Pence #1

Why is this a thing?  Trump administration-centric comics? WHY?! Are people ACTUALLY READING them? Surely a certain someone would say they’re the yugest comic books out there right now or ever in history. But we’re just speculating.



Marvel Legacy #1 

Marvel is essentially rebooting their brand a la DC Rebirth. Will it work out for them as well as it did for their direct competitor? All we know for sure is that they are pulling out all the stops. Even Wolverine is rising from the dead for this one, so it’s bound to be worth it. Better be for nearly double the standard price.

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