Accident Bored DEADLY FIRE

This Is How Fast Fire Can Spread – Warning: Disturbing

This Is How Fast Fire Can Spread – Warning: Disturbing

Warning: disturbing

Rare footage of a fire that took 100 lives in 2003 at the Station nightclub, filmed by an audience member who had the presence of mind to leave as soon as he saw it start. Slightly annotated to help show how quickly a fire can spread in an unsafe location. The fire department arrived quickly – about 5 minutes after the first flame – but can do little to help.

The nightclub was a barely-converted warehouse with pretty much no fire safety measures implemented. This footage was used to help prosecute those responsible.


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Last year a house near where I work was destroyed by a fire. A close neighbour was only alerted when the windows burst and they heard that noise. She called emergency services and in the 10 minutes it took for them to arrive, the house was totally engulfed. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured but it just goes to show how fast it can happen and how little can be done if nobody is there to do anything practically instantly. Scary!
Hopefully incidents like this have helped designers, engineers and the public make better choices about fire safety.

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