Father Arrested After His Wife And 3-Month-Old Son Were Found In Bed With Their Throats Slit

Father Arrested After His Wife And 3-Month-Old Son Were Found In Bed With Their Throats Slit

A father accused of cutting his wife and newborn’s throats as they slept told co-workers he had dreamed of slicing off their heads ‘like bologna’ before their deaths.

Craig Vandewege told police his house in Fort Worth, Texas, had been burgled when he came home to find his wife Shanna and their newborn son Diederik murdered on December 15.

Police later arrested the 36-year-old for speeding through Colorado. He told officers he was on his way to Las Vegas to see Donald Trump to ‘work it out’ and that he had been framed for the murders.

His wedding ring was stashed in his pocket along with several condoms.

Vandewege was charged with their murders after being picked up for speeding.

His Costco co-workers have since told how he described dreams in which he decapitated the pair before their killings, telling how he had sliced their heads “like bologna” in the dream.

They said Vandewege was taking medication which he claimed made him hear ‘voices in his head’.

One also told how he complained about his wife and the way she wore her hair, Dallas News reports and threatened to kill her while she was pregnant by pushing her down the stairs.

Vandewege called 911 on December 15 after claiming to have returned home from work to find his wife and son had been killed.

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