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Father Puts Away Childish Things For Son, Arrests Follow

Father Puts Away Childish Things For Son, Arrests Follow


A father and son got into a fight over the latter’s toys that ended in arrest Tuesday night in Florida. Important to note: the man’s son is 19 years old.


The Smoking Gun reports police were called to the home of 46-year-old Nicholas Melice Sr. around 11pm.


Apparently his son, Nicholas Melice Jr., had come for a visit only to discover his father had thrown away his Lego collection. They allegedly got into an argument about it that turned physical, and both ended up with scratches. While it’s unclear who was the “primary aggressor,” police say both men made it clear they wish to pursue criminal charges against the other. Father and son were booked into county jail on suspicion of misdemeanor battery.


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Lego is expensive collectible toys only adults can afford.

Every Christmas, my kids tell my extended family what Lego mega kit I would want and they all club together and buy it for me. By the time I wake up on Christmas morning, my daughter has built it and my son is playing with it. Then he puts it on his bookcase for safe keeping. I shrug, go downstairs to my garden sofa and light a cigar.

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