FATHERS DAY 13 Important Life Lessons From Dads Who Are Doing It Right

1 . Work smarter, not harder.

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2 . Sometimes sacrifices need to be made.

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3 . Every seat can be a window seat.

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4 . You’ve got to know when to let it go.

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5 . Real superheroes come in all shapes and sizes.

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6 . Timing is everything especially when you’ve got dad-reflexes.

7 . Sneak in naps however and whenever you can.

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8 . Multitasking is an art form.

9 . Learn to anticipate disaster.

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10 . Find time to enjoy the simple things.

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11 . Always make time for things that matter, regardless of where you are.

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12 . There’s nothing that’s off limits.

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13 . And always save a dance for the leading ladies in your life.



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