You guys, when you get three sexy ladies for the price of one, there’s not really too much that I have to say to spark your interest and get you geeked up, is there?

So, rather than hit you with minute details, I’ll just introduce you to Denisa, Daniela and Diana Retegan, who have a joint Instagram account that shows off why their genes are a hell of a lot better than other girls’, posing together in ways that should almost be illegal.

Hailing from Romania, these ladies are so amazing that, yes, they even have their own, individual IG accounts, too—Denisa, Daniela, Diana—meaning you have a hell of a lot of browsing to do today in order to truly take in all that the Retegan sisters have to toss out there. I know you’ll enjoy.


[H/T Uncoached]

F*ck The Kardashians, Meet The Retegan Sisters, Who Are Blowing Up The Internet With A Sexy Instagram Account


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