‘F*ck This Court:’ Georgia Woman Files Legendary Court Brief

F-Bomb-Ridden Brief Might Be The Most Outrageous Legal Document In U.S. History

Once again, Florida, we are shocked and in awe.
Five years ago, self-described “Floridian-American” sovereign citizen Tamah Jada Clark was arrested for conspiring to break her baby’s father out of prison.

Police caught her driving about 10 miles away from the prison with a 1-year-old child, an AK-47 assault rifle, a .45 caliber pistol, and numerous items for wilderness survival in the car. She was subsequently charged with conspiracy to aid the escape of another, cruelty to children in the first degree, and a few other things. But that wasn’t the end of it. Oh no.

Clark alleges that arresting officers violated her civil rights and she filed a law suit against them. When U.S. District Court Judge Willis B. Hunt threw out the case on a technicality, Clark LOST IT in a 9-page legal brief that would make Bryan Price blush.

The brief starts off spicy, but fairly sane…

So poor Judge Hunt probably had no idea what was coming in paragraph two…

Things only got more, uh, complicated, on the next page…


I’ll let you read the entire 9 page joy ride for yourself below, but suffice to say Clark called the Judge every name in the book, including an asshole, a joke, a “bitch ass,” a “little bitch,” an idiot, a “dumb hoe,” a jackass, a “castrated coward” and a “treacherous, lying, spineless, bastard son-of-a-bitch” who “deserves to be [in Hell] for the rest of eternity.”

While I doubt it will do anything to help her case, it’s good to know we live in a country where one still has the right to cuss out a judge. On paper.

Distractify has attempted to contact Ms. Clark to get her side of the story, and learn more about how she crafted what is certainly the most colorful legal brief in all of American history. We’ll update it here as soon as she replies.

Fuck This Court by Sarah Jeong

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