This F*cked Up New Theory About Jon And Daenerys Was Started By George R. R. Martin Himself

This F*cked Up New Theory About Jon And Daenerys Was Started By George R. R. Martin Himself


George R. R. Martin usually stays out of all the fuss surrounding ‘Game of Thrones’ fan theories. However, the recent speculation surrounding Daenerys and Jon Snow’s true familial relation got it’s start from something he told Alfie Allen, the actor who plays Theon Greyjoy.

So, we’re sure that you all know about Jon’s true heritage by now. His parents are actually Lyanna Stark (Ned’s sister) and Rhaegar Targaeryan (Daenerys’s older brother), who were both married in secret ceremony years ago. Jon’s real name is actually Aegon Targaryen and the legitimacy of his parentage makes him the new, rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Daenerys, it turns out, is actually just his Aunt.

Or is she?

According to this new theory, the bloodline between Daenerys and Jon Snow might actually run deeper than we all thought. Knowing that they slept together, the fact that they’re aunt and nephew makes their romance all the more unconventional. However, just think of how much uglier things would get if it was revealed that, instead of being his Aunt, Daenerys was actually Jon Snow’s half-sister!

We know, we know. How is that even possible right? Don’t worry, we’ll explain.

Readers of A Song of Ice and Fire have pointed out that, in the novels, Daenerys recalls a lemon tree from her early childhood. But, due to the cold, unyielding climate of Braavos, lemon trees don’t grow there. So where did Daenerys remember the lemon trees from?

Well, lemon trees are far more fitting of the climate in Dorne, where Jon was born to Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

Another piece of evidence, thanks to Digital Spy, points out that, back when he was alive, Ned Stark expressed an unusual amount of sympathy towards Daenerys when Robert Baratheon wanted to have her killed. He could have been trying, in his own way, to protect the woman that he knew to be Jon Snow’s half-sister.

Let’s not forget the theory about Azor Ahai. Both Daenerys and Jon have been linked to it on the show, by Melisandre in particular, but for some reason, she hasn’t been able to pinpoint which of them will be the true Prince (or Princess) that was promised. Instead, Melisandre has worked hard to bring Jon and Daenerys together, but could it be that she can’t see which one of them will end up being Azor Ahai because they’re so closely related? An Aunt and Nephew might confuse things a little, but the lines would get really blurry if a brother and sister were involved …

Last but not least – George R.R. Martin dropped a major hint about the connection between Jon and Daenerys quite a while ago, which is actually how this theory got started.

In an interview with Vulture, Alfie Allen revealed that he’d asked George R.R. Martin about the familial connection between Jon and Daenerys before, and was given a response that has since made many question the truth behind the whole Aunt and Nephew situation.

“You know, I asked [George RR Martin] about who Jon Snow’s real parents were, and he told me. I can’t say who, but I can tell you that it involves a bit of a Luke Skywalker situation.” Alfie said.


As explained by Some Entertainment:

“If you’ll remember, in Empire Strikes Back, Luke Skywalker unknowingly kissed his twin sister Princess Leia. They had no idea they were siblings because they were both taken and hidden from the Empire as small children. Luke and Leia grew up separately, just like Jon and Dany.

If this Thrones theory is true, it means that Jon Snow was sent to the Stark side of the family (his mother was Lyanna Stark) and Dany was sent to the Targaryen side. Much like twin sisters Hallie Parker and Annie James were raised by different sides of the family in the classic 1998 film, The Parent Trap.”

In other words, things could potentially get a lot more incestuous in season eight  …

So maybe Dae-nay-nay and Know Nothing Snow are gonna get their incest on even harder than before…


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