Feeling Down? Let Abigail Ratchford Wearing Bikinis That Barely Fits Cheer You Up


We know that a lot of you are feeling pretty damn low and bummed out today, and honestly we can’t blame you at all. But since life goes on, we have to try our best to pick up the shattered pieces and keep on moving. And one way to do that is by letting Abigail Ratchford cheer you up.

Abigail has cheered our post-labor day blues before, and she made us feel better by hanging around in a body paint bikini, as well as just in boob pasties. So this time around it’s time for us to let her bring our spirits up by taking a look at her wearing a bikini that barely fits. And we are so OK with that.

Take a look at what the bombshell shared on her Instagram:

Feeling Down? Let Abigail Ratchford Wearing A Bikini That Barely Fits Cheer You Up

And Abigail sure is a fan of wearing unique bikinis. Just check these out:

Sure, we are still screwed, but for the time being things seem solid.


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