Female Officer Accidentally Shot In Back By Fellow Cop

Female Officer Accidentally Shot In Back By Fellow Cop

The Lafayette Police Department released the body cam video from the officer who accidentally shot a fellow officer in the back while serving a warrant earlier this week. The review board determined that an incident was accidental, not an act of negligence. They released their findings along with 10 minutes of body cam footage on Friday morning. The body cam footage shows Officer Aaron Wright shooting Officer Lane Butler in the back. It happened when an aggressive dog broke loose from a cage and charged at the officers while they were serving an arrest warrant. “The shooting review board determined it was an accidental shooting in a very dynamic and stressful situation,” Lafayette police said. Butler is recovering at the hospital. Wright is on paid administrative leave. “We can’t prepare for every event. Sometimes we are placed in situations outside of our control that we haven’t planned for,” Lafayette Police Chief Patrick Flannelly said. Flannelly said Wrightwill not be terminated or suspended.

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Good job they’re trained professionals. She could’ve been hurt.

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