Female Panthers Fan Goes Viral After Skipping Line To Pee In Men’s Urinal

Another day another girl using their brain. The lines for the ladies room are always out of control. Now we got this genius who weirdly picked a urinal and had her guy friend film her doing it.

Now the video has been seen over 2 million times in just a few dayy.

NFL fans have a reputation of getting absolutely blasted and doing insane things, including finding new and innovative ways and places to empty one’s bladder. This weekend’s Panthers game is no different.

At some point during the contest, this brazen female Panthers fan just couldn’t take waiting in the line to the women’s room, and decided to make her way to the men’s room — normal enough if she really had to go and use the stall or something like that.

But she took it to a whole new level…

This isn’t the first time we have seen someone use the mens room for a quick leak:

Sometimes when you gotta go… You GOTTA GO! The line for the lady’s room was just way too long so this girl found a way to get the pee out of her system the quickest way possible.

According to NYPost: The cheeky blonde took advantage of a golden opportunity to pee at a men’s urinal Sunday — holding up her beer while flanked by two male co-relievers.

Clad in a pink top and light blue shorts that she dropped to her knees, the woman was captured on video as she held the wall for balance — and took one giant leak for womankind.

It’s hilarious that she’s going for a high-five with the dude while he’s mid-stream

The footage from Hard Rock Stadium during the game against the Jets was posted on Instagram by the football podcast laceoutshow, along with the caption: “Miami is officially a football town, FOLKS.”

The pee posting made quite a splash — receiving more than 65,000 views and a stream of mostly positive comments.

“Well, you know how long the line is for the woman’s bathroom. At least she didn’t drop her beer that would have been a travesty!” retiredmsg wrote.

“At $16 a beer, I respect her holding that beer in the air! LOL,” posted Hcaines24.

Peanuts_dad simply said of the unidentified woman: “Shes a keeper.”

Miami is officially a football town, FOLKS

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