Female Scuba Diver Panics

Sheer panic made her unable to even think clearly enough to put her regulator back in her mouth.

3 replies on “Female Scuba Diver Panics”

She should probably take up knitting instead of scuba diving..

Zero presence of mind. This is what happens when you are non-technical, happy go lucky and get put in a situation where shit does wrong and human instincts don’t work. My wife dis something like this once. Tried breathing water without a regulator inside a cave. I had to go back and save her. She’s lucky that part of the cave was big enough for me to see her and turn around, or I’d be doing a recovery dive.

People like this should not scuba, they should not skydive, fly aircraft, or drive in wet or icy conditions. For that matter, they should not be allowed to raise children without supervision.

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