The Filthy Tweet From A Justin Bieber Fan That Crushed The Internet


On Friday, Justin Bieber tweeted this to his 81 million followers:

It’s your standard celebrity social media post, one that excoriates “the media” for misrepresenting him while lauding his fans for their support in spite of recent bad press. Biebs also wanted to make clear that he “loves people” ⎯ an incredibly broad statement that, ontologically speaking, encompasses, if not “the media” itself, then certainly members of the media. But I’m not here to argue about categories of being with the Biebs. I’m here to talk about an @-reply that, even by celebrity trolling standards, is unusually graphic.

Like any mega-celebrity, Bieber is vulnerable to trolls and other internet jokers. And, right on time, one teen posted this creative (?) response:

Now ⎯ like it or not ⎯ you have a very specific and very detailed image in your head. This wasn’t your standard “fuck me daddy” tweet, which is vague enough to leave out how, exactly, the person tweeting wants to be fucked. This tweet mentions body parts, bodily fluids, and a gastropod-themed fantasy.

Since 5hMarie posted the tweet on Friday afternoon, it has been making the rounds online. Other Twitter users have responded accordingly ⎯ with memes. Most express some variation of shock, disgust or “delete your account.”

My personal favorite:

To go back to categories of being for a moment, I’d say that this tweet has the quality of being bad.


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