Finnish Dudes Build A Traditional Log House

A crew of Finnish carpenters build a log house, all with hand tools. Lots of accurate looking axe work, dudes planing the floor … you can almost smell it.

Looks pretty cozy when they’re done with it, too.

No idea what the narrator is going on about, as I don’t know any Finnish.

One reply on “Finnish Dudes Build A Traditional Log House”

Pretty much what it says, traditional 1700-1800 century log cabin. The only really interesting thing is that you can not use any nails on walls because the logs will shrink and they will also drop down, up to two inches. These profession is called here “axeman” allthou these days it refers to all carpenters working on a building, wood or not… My dad is one such guy so this is pretty familiar to me, he’s done few of these, allthou much much larger ones. I would say that this is important skill in this country, with all the forest we have. Never know when you need to build it in one summer as the winter is loooong…

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