‘First Date’ Viewers Cringe Over Awkward Nipple Tassel Conversation

‘First Dates’ is a show that, although I love, you’d never find me on it.

Meeting someone for the first time can be a nerve-wracking occasion at the best of times, never mind when you know in the back of your mind it’s going to be broadcast to millions of people who are going to be critiquing your dating skills.

Fair play to the people that do go on, though – at least they’re doing something about their single status as opposed to me who just sits here all day and bleats on about it in articles.

Although a relative dating novice, I do know that there are certain things you should avoid talking about on a first date: crazy exes, religion, the holocaust – all topics that are best discussed at a later time in your relationship.

And apparently, you can add nipple tassels to that list, as one guy found out in the First Dates restaurant.

It doesn’t start well for the bloke, expressing his desire to rub a big ol’ dirty burger all over his naked body, which is fair enough – we’d all like to do that – just don’t admit it in front of a girl.

His date, Liberty, admits that she thinks he might be a bit of a ‘posh banker’ which he quickly dismisses before weirdly admitting that he’s started up a company selling nipple tassels.

He tells her: “I tell you what I have started up recently, it’s a company selling nipple tassels, right.”

He adds: “Because you’re a girl, you’re a girl, right, so you know…”

“The thing is, it was more like I saw an opportunity and I wanted to take advantage of it.”

To which she sarcastically replies: “Well, women love it when you take advantage.”

It appeared to be the make or break moment for the couple, but luckily for him he managed to compose himself and recover well, with Liberty agreeing to go on a second date with him in the end.

It wasn’t the only date to suffer from an air of awkwardness, as one dating couple clashed over their stance on Brexit.

Lette, 23 and Fred, 26 discovered they were at opposite ends of the political spectrum, with Lette being a Tory and voting to leave, and Fred voting to remain.

“Let’s struggle gamely on, as Boris Johnson would say. I did campaign to remain,” he commented.

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