The First Episode Of ‘Rick And Morty’ Season Three Is Streaming On A Loop

Good news all you Rick and Morty fans, because the long awaited premiere of season three is streaming on a loop.

No, seriously.

everyone was a bit cautious of everything, given that it was April Fool’s Day. So if you saw anything about your favourite shows, actors or films, you reluctantly ignored it because there was no way it could be true.

However, thanks to one Rick and Morty fan, who pestered Dan Harmon, we can now watch the first episode.

Unfortunately, when the official Twitter account for Rick and Morty let people know they could watch it, no one believed it. In fact, people were pretty defiant about it.

Not only were we treated to the first glimpse of season three, though, we were also given a number of short clips from Adult Swim, like this one…

There’s eight videos of new content on their YouTube, so go on, get watching the episode and these clips.

Here is the full episode if you want to watch it!

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