The First Tinder-Like ‘Pokemon Go’ Dating App Has Been Launched So You Don’t Have To Catch ‘Em All By Yourself


You knew this was going to happen, right? Dating apps for Pokemon Go players was inevitable.

Actually, it kind of makes sense too when you think about it. People are already out running around chasing Pokemon so why not do it with someone you’re attracted to?

The app, called PokeMatch, works a lot like Tinder in that you can “catch” a potential date by swiping on someone you’re interested in hooking up with. If you both swipe right, then boom, you can chat with each other. Sound familiar?

If you hit it off you can arrange to meet at a Pokestop and go chase Pokemons together.


“The goal is that people to create meaningful dates, not just hook-ups,” [co-creator Rene] Roosen said in a press release. “We think that a Pokemon Go date is the perfect opportunity for that.”

Right now it’s only available for Android users, but they expect it to hit the iPhone soon.

Another dating app, called Pokedates, is also on the way.

It’s more like OkCupid in that you have to answer some questions, share your Pokemon chasing schedule and then you’ll get an email with details about your match with a time and place you can meet.



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