First Video Released From Inside The Club From The Terrible Mass Shooting In Orlando

First Video Released From Inside The Club From The Terrible Mass Shooting In Orlando


One of Omar Mateen‘s victims was posting videos to social media at the moment he fought his way into the club and opened fire.

25-year-old Amanda Alvear recorded several Snapchat clips from inside Pulse Nightclub — most of them are innocent fun with friends.

But in the final video Amanda was recording herself when more than a dozen shots are heard.

Many survivors have said clubgoers initially thought the shots were part of the music DJs were playing — so they didn’t react immediately. You can see in Amanda’s video — obtained by the Daily Mirror — she was not panicked at first by the gunfire.

Amanda was killed during the standoff. Her sister commented on the video … “I’m so heartbroken. You could make anyone’s day with the smile of yours.”

7 replies on “First Video Released From Inside The Club From The Terrible Mass Shooting In Orlando”

At first I thought this video was fake, but diggin into it more its actually a true video.

What shocks me is that some trolling commentators on social media state that the guns the killer bought werent assault weapons.

When you hear the gunshot’s fire off in rapid succession, you can hear an assault until Amanda shut her phone off and ran.. Too young to die so tragically.

When I think of Pride, I think of gay people being safe in their own venues together; not frowned upon in public but a people having a good time safe with one another to just be themselves.

Fuck this shooter and fuck fundamentalist backwater thinking. I can respect someone being a sucker to faith but to destroy others because of their beliefs, thats downright cowardly. A gun can make a coward a victor too easily.

Why does our government keep failing its people? I wish we all were better at keeping it real, I dont want to ban guns but fuck why cant we federally and statewide keep an eye on the creeps?

This whole thing is just plain sad.
I agree LLAA!
FUCK this guy and anyone who thinks like him. They are not AMERICANS and anyone with this kind of thinking needs to be put out ASAP! Absolutely Pissed OFF!

Gun nuts obsess with the strict legal definition of an assault weapon under federal law and take umbrage with the media’s lax definition. Meanwhile, gun makers specifically make guns to skirt the definition.

They’re missing the point: If one madman with a ‘totally non-assault weapon’ is capable of killing and maiming over a hundred people in a venue with 300 people in it, then we should ban those too.

Omar Mateen should be hanged very slowly. He is NOT going to Heaven either.

GD what is this AMERICA coming to when a fing raghead can kill 50 of us and NOONE can defend themselves? I carry my handgun everywhere I go. I would have shot him in the head so fast he would have seeing my barrel and then meeting his God Satan the next second. I would shoot him now if I could..

There was a time (50’s & 60’s) when this guys past behavior would have got him institutionalized but we can’t do that any more. A whack job is just released to the streets to fend for himself unless they have actually committed a crime.

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