Fisherman Hooks $12m Worth Of Cocaine In Florida

An off-duty county deputy in Florida was fishing in the Gulf of Mexico when he hooked something that wasn’t on the menu – 50 pounds of cocaine, to be precise.

This isn’t the first recorded instance of “blowfish” though this time around the white stuff wasn’t hidden in an actual fish.

The haul reportedly consisted of 25 tighly-sealed bricks of cocaine with an estimated street value of $12 million and the identity of the deputy, who quickly turned over his find to authorities, is being kept confidential. So how did the errant coke get there? Local news media spoke with another local fisherman, Ralph Allen, who helpfully explained the concept of flotation:

“Anything that floats can get carried forever. You’ve all heard about message in a bottle. Makes it clear across the ocean and shows up years later. Same thing applies to anything that floats.”

Meanwhile Sheriff Bill Prummell gave a good, noncommittal cop answer, saying:

“We know cocaine is out there, we know it’s coming in through the waterways but it’s not something we see on a regular basis.” WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral


Fisherman Hooks $12m Worth Of Cocaine In Florida


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