Flash Flood: Jeep Goes For A Swim

One of the most stunning images to emerge from this weekend’s storms is the phone video of a man and his Jeep, swept away by high waters near Tapatio Golf Resort in Boerne. The relentless rain only strengthened the current before the car – with people still inside – succumbed to the rushing water. The Jeep, no match for Mother Nature, flipped over as it barrelled down the raging creek. Despite this wild ride, we’re happy to report the man inside made it out safely.

From the OP:  “I was coming back home from a dinner date with my 6 year old daughter. Was about to cross the creek we usually cross to get home and it was raging. I knew we couldn’t cross and I was telling others not to as well. From the other side of the creek, a white Jeep Cherokee tried to cross and was swept away.
location: Boerne, TX”

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