Fliers Cheer As Woman And Her Emotional Support Squirrel Are Kicked Off Plane

Fliers Cheer As Woman And Her Emotional Support Squirrel Are Kicked Off Plane



If you’re wondering how on earth a squirrel managed to get onto a plane at the Orlando airport, here’s the answer: A woman walked right on board with it Tuesday. USA Today reports the passenger had told Frontier Airlines in advance that she would be bringing an “emotional support animal” on the Cleveland-bound flight. She did not specify that it was a squirrel. Had she, she would have learned that squirrels and other rodents aren’t permitted aboard in this capacity. The airline says that when she was informed she would need to deplane she refused, and police were called. A rep for the airline says all passengers were removed from the plane and then the woman was escorted off, causing a roughly 2-hour delay.

ClickOrlando reports the Orlando Police Department said the woman ultimately cooperated with them and was not arrested. But the New York Post points out a Twitter video shows that as she was wheeled out of the gate in a wheelchair, she thrust her middle finger at the crowd of waiting passengers, to cheers. It’s unclear whether they were cheering at her gesture or her removal (ABC News reports it was the latter), though a passenger who was on the flight told USA Today that “for the most part” people found humor in the whole situation. Other support animals prohibited on Frontier flights per its policy: “reptiles, insects, hedgehogs, rabbits, sugar gliders, non-household birds or improperly cleaned and/or animals with foul odor.”

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