Florida Burglars Rob House Then Go Live On Facebook To Brag


Some people just make it so easy for the cops. These smart guys got on Facebook live after robbing a house in Florida. Because what fun is it to commit a crime, get the lot and not brag about it to all your friends and family on the internet?

Self snitching at its finest.


You know it is not their money. These dudes are acting way too happy, like its the first time they have ever seen this type of cash.

They must have gotten into the house safe. Actually, someone must have left this money somewhere else. These guys don’t seem like the safe crackers.


The main guy talking is excited to go to the car lot in the morning. He is happy to give up some of his bandz…. And they are about to go turn up in the strip club.

What an awful idea. Steal someone else’s hard earned money. Brag about it. Go to the strip club and act like you are a baller, toss all that stolen cash. Get arrested.


Source  I Am Bored


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