Florida Couple Arrested For Having Oral Sex In Public For All To See

Florida Couple Arrested For Having Oral Sex In Public For All To See

Oh Florida, you never disappoint.

Let’s all talk about 37-year-old Veronica Hutchison and 31-year-old Cameron Peterson. We need to talk about this pair because according to The Smoking Gun the pair was caught in “full view” of an “adjacent bus stop and busy six-lane highway” having oral sex for all to see. Peterson was caught giving Hutchison some mouth-loving and now both are behind bars.

The incident occurred in Clearwater, as it is said the couple performed “several sex acts in the view of the public.”


The Smoking Gun

Hutchison was “sitting on the ground with her shorts below her knees” while receiving oral sex from Peterson, according to Officer Joseph Mazzella. The patrolman added that when he approached the duo, he observed Hutchison “being digital penetrated” by Peterson.

The 6 PM encounter appears to have occurred on a patch of grass adjacent to a bus stop on County Road 611.

I actually had to look up what “digital penetration” is. Man, I’m so innocent.

Hutchison and Peterson were both arrested on a misdemeanor count of unnatural and lascivious act. In conclusion, keep your sex acts indoors or at least keep them away from the eyes of others.

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