Florida Fisherman Catches 552-Pound Grouper – ON A KAYAK!


Next time he should bring a bigger boat.

A Florida man made a once in a lifetime catch when he reeled in a 552-pound grouper fish May 20 while sitting on a kayak in Sanibel, Fla.

Jon Black, owner of Crazy Lure Bait & Tackle shop in Cape Coral, and Capt. Ben Chancey were filming a spot for the online fishing show “Chew On This”and were trying to land a big catch while on the tiny one person kayak.

Be careful what you wish for.

The online video shows Black floating by a pier in his green vessel when he started to feel the strong tug on his line. He battled for some time before he finally pulled up the large fish and him and Chancey cheered.

“I broke the rod!” Black screeched. “Oh, Jesus.”

The two men believe they set the record for the largest fish caught on a kayak. They measured it at 83 inches long and more than 73 inches in girth and estimated it weighed 552 pounds. It was then returned to the water.

Florida fisherman Jon Black  caught  a 552-pound grouper while fishing in Sanibel Fla. on May 20.

Black’s store warned on its Facebook page that fishing for large marine animals from a kayak is very dangerous.

But a week after reeling in the goliath grouper, Black isn’t resting on his laurels.

An employee at the store told the Daily News Wednesday morning Black was out fishing and could not be reached for comment.


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