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Florida Gov Releases Attack Ad On Woman Who Cussed Him Out At Starbucks


Florida Gov Releases Attack Ad On Woman Who Cussed Him Out At Starbucks

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It’s normal for a political candidate to release an attack ad on their opponent when running for office. It’s less normal for a politician already holding office to release an attack ad on a member of the public.

But when you’re Florida Governor Rick Scott and you just got your ass handed to you by an ordinary citizen, and video of the brutal takedown has been viewed by millions of people on the internet, apparently you don’t think twice about punching down.

Cara Jennings, a mom and Lake Worth contract worker with the Service Employees International Union, was recorded calling Scott an “asshole” who “doesn’t care about working people” after the governor happened to enter the same Starbucks she was working in. It was quite the telling-to. If you haven’t watched it yet, do yourself a favor and do it now.

Most elected officials know that taking it on the chin from your constituents every now and again is just part of the job. Especially if you’re as bad at your job as Scott, you gotta figure that you might piss off some people from time to time.

But Scott is not most elected officials. And so, in the 72 hours after the video was originally uploaded to YouTube, the governor of Florida made producing an attack ad against Jennings his top priority — because why bother tackling any of the major fuck ups she chastised him for?

Stay classy, Ricky.


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When an elected government official feels he needs to post attack ads against constituents based on how effective their public starbucks rant was, that’s pretty much an admission of failure in office.

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