Florida Man Decides To Smoke Crack After His Face Gets Burned In A Van Fire

I suppose at that point, what’s the worst that could happen, you start your face on fire from smoking crack? Who cares? It’s already burned to shit.

According to WOKV, a 25-year-old Jacksonville man said he smoked crack after burning his face in a van fire because “it helped with the pain.”

Zachary Allen Shultz’s face was severely burned on February 10 after the stolen van he was in, which for the record, was used in an aggravated assault against a police officer, started sparking near the steering wheel and then went up in flames when he “took out a lighter to look in the van to see what was sparking.”

Police said Shultz then ran from the scene but lost a shoe in the process. Surveillance video from the nearby Old Kings Food Mart captured Shultz moments later, and he was missing a shoe. And if that wasn’t enough to pin him as the man responsible for the stolen van going up in flames, the fact that when he opened the door to his room, “officers said that his face, arms and hands were severely burned” sure as shit did.

And just when you thought the story couldn’t get any crazier, surprise! There’s this little tidbit:

During questioning, Schultz said he tried to start a fire in his uncle’s house. He said he used gasoline to start the fire, which caused him to get burned.

Shultz said he burned the stolen van from the previous day and that he got the van from a “dope boy” on Philips Highway. 

He said the car started to spark near the steering wheel and pulled over to try to fix it. He said he took out a lighter to look in the van to see what was sparking and then the van went up in flames, the report said.

Shultz, who said he was burned by the fire, ran away from the scene. Shultz then said that his injuries didn’t hurt because he “was smoking crack, and it helped with the pain.”

And just when you thought the story couldn’t get any crazier than that, there’s the fact that Shultz is accused of “stealing money from a Toys for Tots donation jar at Flame Broiler in December.”

So yeah, it looks as though Shultz learned the hard way that karma can be a real motherfucker.


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