Florida Man Sent Back To Jail After Failing To Pay For Taxi Ride Home –


You read that headline correct.

Charles Folk is either the worst con artist in the state of Florida, or a freeloader with the terrible.

According to Florida Today, the 40-year-old returned to jail almost immediately following his release this week after failing to pay his taxi driver for his ride home from jail.

It was a 30-mile trip home. Folk promised to pay via credit card upon arrival. But when it was time to fork over the dough, things went awry:

Upon arrival, the 40-year-old Melbourne man told the cab driver neither his sister nor his roommate could help him pay the $70 fare. The cab driver would not accept a payment over the phone from Folk’s sister, who was out of town at the time, according to Melbourne police reports.

The taxi driver called police. Folk was arrested — again — and charged with petty theft.

Folk was in jail previously for criminal mischief after allegedly damaging his roommate’s belongings. He’s now back in jail on $2,000 bond.



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