Florida ‘Teacher Of The Year’ Candidate Suspended For Letting Students Play Super Raunchy Truth-Or-Dare Game In Classroom

Let’s all talk about Brent Sawdy — Sawdy is a seventh-grade teacher at Lake Shore Middle School who just happened to be one of the 15 finalists for 2017 Duval County Teacher of the Year. Well, he’s not going to be winning that award after all. And why’s that? Because it was discovered that Sawdy allowed his students to play a very kinky version of Truth-or-Dare, called “Dirty Dare.”

Sawdy allowed his students to kiss, allowed two girls to expose their breasts and even allowed one boy to lick a girl’s breasts.

NY Post

The classroom debauchery occurred after the students returned from a field trip. Sawdy turned on music and gave his class free time to “work on other school work,” according to an investigative report obtained by News4.

Sawdy initially turned on a video of Bill Nye the Science Guy but turned it off once he realized no one was watching. He also had the lights turned off his classroom, which he frequently did believe it created a “calmer learning environment,” the report said.

The educator denied knowing what had taken place — and said the only student he’d disciplined that day was one he saw “play slap” a girl’s leg.

“He never heard anyone say anything about playing a game. He never heard anyone say anything about Truth or Dare. He did not hear or see any students do anything else questionable,” the report said. “He led that student to the door and explained that although he appeared to be playing, that kind of playing could get him in trouble.”

While Sawdy denied knowing anything that was going on, fourteen students in the classroom that day were interviewed and most reported the inappropriate behavior. It was then discovered that Sawdy violated two professional standards.


And now this dude has been suspended without pay. But since it’s Florida you know that he will work again soon.



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