Florida Woman Arrested For Domestic Dispute Over Sex Toys

Florida Woman Arrested For Domestic Dispute Over Sex Toys

It’s official, guys: Ballet teachers are kinky human beings.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 38-year-old Palm Harbor ballet teacher was arrested Monday night for allegedly striking her lover in the face during a dispute over “sex toys and a laptop.”

Police said Lindsay Hensley-Clark and Chad Scerbo were involved in some kind of “altercation over sex toys and a laptop,” and the verbal argument turned physical when Hensley-Clark slapped Scerbo because she was “upset over what Chad had said.” It’s unknown what Scerbo said that sent Hensley-Clark into domestic battery mode, but we could totally see the question “Did Matt Lauer send you these?” doing the trick.

Hensley-Clark and Scerbo apparently work together at the not-for-profit Tampa Ballet Theatre, where she is the president and artistic director while he is just a marketing advisor. Since Hensley-Clark pleaded not guilty to slapping the shit out of Scerbo over sex toys chit-chat, she will still be able to make contact with Scerbo. Let’s just hope from here on out it’s something other than her hand to his face.


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