Florida Woman Burns Down Ex-Boyfriend’s House Over Teddy Bear

Florida Woman Burns Down Ex-Boyfriend’s House Over Teddy Bear


That must have been one important teddy bear.

Brittany Bonin is in quite the pickle today after she not only burned down her ex-boyfriend’s house over a teddy bear fight, but also stabbed a police officer, too. Here’s what happened.

The 26-year-old woman went bonkers when demanding that her ex, Michael Demalia, return a stuffed teddy bear she had given his 18-month-old daughter Natalie, his sister Jacqueline said. After words were sent back and forth, Bonin proceeded to set fire to the child’s crib for some reason (the child wasn’t home). But she wasn’t done.

Bonin then smashed a 90-gallon fish tank, flooded the property and then chased her ex with a knife. Demalia ran across the road to a neighbor — off-duty deputy Captain Cliff Williams — who stood between the pair, but Bonin just stabbed the officer instead.

Here’s what Demalia’ sister had to say about that teddy bear. 

“He had it in his hand and gave it to her, and that’s when she pushed her way through the door and attacked him.”

Thankfully, Williams’ injuries are not life-threatening.

Bonin was eventually arrested and now faces charges of assault and battery and arson. No word yet if she ever got the teddy bear back.

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Forget the fire, YOU DON’T TAKE A BEAR FROM A CHILD!!! Bitch.

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