Florida Woman Says A Drag Queen’s Fake Boobs Sent Her To The Emergency Room

Florida Woman Says A Drag Queen’s Fake Boobs Sent Her To The Emergency Room –


It’s official: Amanda D’Hod is walking around Tampa with some lethal weapons.

According to UPI, the drag queen’s fake jugs are the counterpoint of a lawsuit against a Tampa restaurant named Hamburger Mary’s, as one woman in attendance claims that having her head banged up against those things sent her to the emergency room in May 2015.

Neldin Molina claims she was “unaware of the drag show until it began during her meal, and she watched for a short time before turning her back to the stage to eat and socialize with her fellow diners.” It was at that point that D’Hod allegedly pointed at Molina, grabbed her by the head, and “wiggled her breast against the Plaintiff’s face and head eight times.”


The lawsuit also alleges the tit pounding didn’t end there.

“The performer then violently pounded Molina’s face against the fake breast up to nine times,” the suit reads.

While the majority of us here at Mandatory would consider that to be worth the price of admission, Molina feels that she should be compensated to the tune of $1.5 million because she felt an “immediate headache and neck pain after the encounter and later visited the emergency room at Memorial Hospital of Tampa for excruciating cervical pain and uncontrollable headaches.”


No word if D’Hod breast implants are made from paint cans.


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