Florida Woman’s End Of Probation Party Ends In Arrest

A Florida woman’s celebration of total freedom ended in her arrest following the police showing up to her end of probation party. NBC2 reports that Krystal Kurlowich told her mom she was headed to dinner on Saturday night then proceeded to have a balanced supper of pills, pot and strobe lights at the room she’d rented in a North Fort Myers Travelodge. Kurlowich had previously been on probation for — you guessed it — drug charges.

It’s unclear how long she was forced to suffer a sober existence before letting loose with a bunch of teenage friends. Some of those guests are facing felony charges,though a majority were released to their parents. Items found at the bash run the gamut from standard fare bongs, xanax, and weed to a mask, bowls, and glow sticks. It’s worth noting the North Fort Myers Travelodge has a 2/5 rating on TripAdvisor and feature such gem descriptions as “crack rooms” and that it is literally “falling down,” which may explain why Kurlowich’s fete was so short-lived.

The 23 year old was detained and then sent to a mental health facility, which is like being on probation from going outside or tying your shoes. Here’s hoping Travelodge gives her a discount for her next freedom bash.






Florida Woman’s End of Probation Party Ends In Arrest

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