Fichter admitted to having sex dozens of times with three 17-year-old students.

Jennifer Fichter is back in the news for her unlawful sexual conduct with minors. And, on Thursday, the former Lakeland, Florida, high school teacher was sentenced 22 years for her actions.

The sentence is just three years short of a plea deal that Fichter rejected, according to CBS News. The former English teacher was arrested and subsequently fired in April 2014 and pleaded guilty to 37 counts  back in April. Her sentencing has been a long time coming, as this is reportedly not Fichter’s first incident of suspicious conduct with students.

The New York Daily News wrote that she was fired from a teaching position in 2008 over allegedly being incredibly inappropriate with an 8th grade student in Orange County, Florida. Still, the Central Florida Aerospace Academy decided to take her on as a teacher in 2011.

Jennifer Fichter was sentenced to 22 years in prison for having sex with three of her students.

It didn’t take long for Fichter to meet new students and get incredibly inappropriate, however. The 30-year-old basically regressed to being a teenager and allegedly had her three 17-year-old lovers lie to their parents about their activities. She even used a fake name when corresponding with them because … maybe she thought it was only wrong if you get caught?

Things further regressed from there. In addition to having sex with students, Fichter did so in random parking lots in her truck. Sometimes their trysts would take them to hotels or her apartment for that added ambiance of zero public indecency. She did reportedly do a student on the school’s roof, though.

When it was finally time for her sentencing, Fichter became incredibly apologetic. “I wish I could go back and remove what I have done,” she said.

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