Former Schoolmates Of Celebrities Spill The Beans On What They’re REALLY Like

The Internet never forgets – or forgives it seems! Reddit has been digging up dirt about what celebrities were like before they were famous from their former schoolmates – and some of it is savage. And some of it may be bollocks. Take it with a pinch of salt.

Ariana Grande

The person who gets the most flak is poptress Ariana Grande, who is described by Redditors who knew her at high school as “a bit of a bitch”, “obnoxious” and “always hanging out with snotty rich girls”.


Can kind of see that. I mean she does try to get away with licking other people’s doughnuts.

Patrick Swayze

One Redditor claimed her mum knew the late Patrick Swayze, who was apparently a bit of a “flirt” – I mean, we aren’t surprised. The man was a charmer!

Her mum was really torn up when the Dirty Dancing star died in 2009 so she can’t have disliked him that much.


Sandra Bullock

Some of the revelations are quite surprising – Oscar winner Sandra Bullock who is America’s Sweetheart, was apparently not so loved in high school.

“She was a total bitch,” according to a Redditor. “Treated everyone as if they were second class citizens not worthy to lick her shoe.”

Hmmm jealous much?

The Rock
Fuck this bloke – he talks shit!

Some of the celebrities started out humble and nice until they got their first taste of fame – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson “was actually a really nice guy when he transferred during Junior Year,” wrote one Redditor. “But then he was just a huge douche to everyone because he made it big on our football team, but he’s still true to our tradition, which is to hate [rival high school] Easton.”It’s not even like he was a really footballer.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively made her name as the bitchy Selena Van Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl but apparently she’s just a really good actor – she’s nothing like her wild and promiscuous alter ego. A Redditor called Seraphus said: “I had a few classes with her throughout three years. She was also my TA for one of them. She was pretty cool. I always ended up seated next to her so it became kind of a running joke through the years. She seemed down to Earth and not stuck up. I dated one of her friends for a couple of months.”Just a nice girl, after all. I’m kinda disappointed.


Ashton Kutcher

Another A list actor who hasn’t let fame go to their head is Ashton Kutcher. The Redditor said the Dude, Where’s My Car? star was “a super chill guy and a sweetheart.”


Floyd Mayweather

Alpha_lemming claims to have known boxing champion Floyd Mayweather at school and called him “academically as dumb as a post”. Well, he’s considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time and worth $600 million, so he can’t be that dumb, even if he can’t reportedly read.


Emily Ratajkowski

There’s some huge surprises – someone who was roommates with Emily Ratajkowski has said that the model struggled to make friends and wanted to pursue art originally – the Blurred Lines model comes from a family of artists. “Totally weird now that she’s a big model and sex icon,” said her former roommate.
Kinda weird she didn’t find it easy to make friends – but maybe she just had better things to do than hang out with her roommate.

Dork in the tub ??smiling because there are 10 million of you all! Thank you thank you ?

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Jeremy Clarkson

And then there are some things that are unsurprising!

Someone whose dad went to school with Jeremy Clarkson has said that the former Top Gear frontman “was a twat then and is a twat now,” That’s why we love him, mate.


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