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Imagine The Fourth Industrial Revolution ‘IF’ We Survive The Future

Imagine The Fourth Industrial Revolution ‘IF’ We Survive The Future

It is said that modern humans have walked the planet for a period of around 200, 000 years
This figure based on the remains that have been found in Ethiopia.
During this time we as a species and as societies have been through many changes
We have risen from groups of hunter gathers to living in huge urban centers
This process is broken into ages
An age being a distinct period of history. A Time when a new development in how society functioned changed mankind forever.
We now these ages well, early human history can be divided into three ages: stone, bronze, and iron.
These three ages based on the tools that were made and used at a certain time.
The time periods between these ages are different to each society as the knowledge took time to permeate around the globe.
However we can see a pattern forming in these dates
The longest period being the Stone Age, but once the use of metals begins we see that the time between ages is reduced
And with each new development that gap in the timeline looks to follow a pattern of change arriving quicker and quicker.
This leading us to today and the modern era
The Industrial Age or Modern era is generally taken to refer to the time post-1800.
This is the time, the industrial revolution began in Western Europe.
We can then break the modern era down into periods
Technologies are converging: software, new materials, robots, and new processes like three-dimensional printing. Web-based sales and services. The factories of the past based on cranking out zillions of identical products today we see more individualized production almost a move back to traditional crafting but using modern methods.
So IF humanity makes it through the forth revolution and the world is now a very different place what could we see if we look at the fifth revolution?
What kind of world could that offer us?
What are your thoughts on this, do you think we will survive the fourth industrial revolution, what do you think the fifth will offer us?

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