Freak Accident Involving Wine Glasses Kills Woman

Freak Accident Involving Wine Glasses Kills Woman

A freak accident involving a golf cart and wine glasses claimed the life of a California woman on Friday. The Mercury News reports Debra Bedard, 58, and longtime partner Richard Clarke, 57, were cruising though their private olive orchard at their vacation home southeast of Sacramento when the incident occurred. Clarke, who cops said was driving while “intoxicated,” made a left turn, and Bedard fell from the cart. The two wine glasses she was holding shattered in the fall, and she landed on the glass shards. She died of her injuries at the scene. Clarke was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor DUI, though a California Highway Patrol rep tells the Sacramento Bee “he didn’t really cause the (accident),” but rather made a turn that caused her to lose balance. “A coroner’s report will determine if she was under the influence.”

The couple had been together 17 years and were “each other’s everything,” Bedard’s son, Steve, tells the News. The pair enjoyed riding through the orchard “just to check things out and enjoy the serenity of the property,” Steve Bedard adds, calling Clarke “one of the most together, responsible men.” Steve Bedard says he understands “completely … how this happened. It was not an irresponsible act but just the worst kind of tragedy.” Bedard’s loved ones posted tributes online; among them was a poem Clarke penned to “Dearest Debra … You were my joy, my life, my dreams, The reason for all that my life means.” Daughter Melissa Quinonez remembered “an amazing mommy,” adding, “I would do anything for one more cuddle and a butterfly kiss.


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I’m not sure how you can get DUI on private property. You can’t get arrested for burning out and speeding etc on private land unless you are like right down town or something so how does DUI apply to a vehicle being operated OFF the road on private land?

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