Freddie Gray Case Ends With 0 Convictions

Freddie Gray Case Ends With 0 Convictions


Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby’s year of “dogged fighting,” as the Baltimore Sun puts it, has ended with a score of 0 of 6. The three officers still to stand trial in the death of Freddie Gray on Wednesday saw all charges against them dropped. Three of the six officers had already been acquitted, and they had faced more serious charges than the remaining three; prosecutors determined it was unlikely that the result in these cases would be any different.

Judge Barry G. Williams had acquitted Officers Edward Nero and Caesar Goodson and Lt. Brian Rice over the last three months; Goodson was the van driver, and Rice had the highest rank of the six. The jury deadlocked in the case of Officer William Porter and a mistrial was declared.


“I took an oath to uphold justice and treat everyone equally and fairly under the law,” Mosby said at the press conference. “The decision to prosecute six police officers was not and never has been an indictment on the entire police department. For those that believe I am anti-police, I am not, I am anti-police brutality.”

Mosby added: “For over a year my office had been silent, despite being threatened, mocked, ridiculed and harassed. I was elected the top prosecutor, I signed up for this I can take it. No matter how troublesome it has been for my office, it pales in comparison to what mothers all across the country go through.”

Mosby addressed Gray’s mother, saying, “Please know that even though the media has made this about everything but your son, we stand by the medical examiners determination that Freddie Gray’s death was a homicide,” she said.


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Marilyn Mosby is a piece of shit, she ranted on live TV that she was going to fry them all without even knowing the circumstances. She is 100% anti police.

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