French Adult Film Actress Shares Messages From Teens As Young As 12

French Adult Film Actress Shares Messages From Teens As Young As 12

One of the downsides of being a porn star is being a secret source of wonder for teenage boys everywhere. But being contacted by them asking if you want to sleep with them is a different matter entirely.

French porn star Nikita Bellucci has gone on the record about the torrent of lusty messages she receives from young boys, saying that she’s ‘getting tired of educating’ people’s kids about sex.

The 28-year-old, who recently retired form the industry, took to Twitter to slam parents for ‘a complete lack of teaching’ about the subject, saying that they are not making enough effort to keep their kids away from porn on the internet.

“I’m getting tired of educating your kids,” she said in a post captioned ‘Message for those who care about their kids… Or not!’.

“Stop unloading your responsibilities on sex workers.

“Yes, access to pornographic content is unfortunately not controlled enough, so it is now normal to regularly receive messages from kids asking for photos, to take their virginity, or among other things, ‘I want to fuck you’.

“There is a complete lack of teaching, prevention, and it is not up to [sex workers] to educate your kids. There is no control, no surveillance on anything, and then we always accuse the same.

“I will not stop myself from living and I will not lower my head under the pretext that I should be ashamed. It’s not for me to ask myself questions.”

Looking at the messages Nikita’s been getting it’s easy to see where she’s coming from, as she shared pics of separate messages she’d received from three boys, all aged under or barely in their teens.

One kid messaged Nikita asking if she wanted ‘to fuck with a ’12-year-old hottie’. Errr… No, ta. Another told her it was his dream to give her oral sex, before going into graphic details.

The last straw for Nikita seems to have been when she got a third message from a 13-year-old boy, who said: “Hi. how are you? I’m 13 years old and I am a fan of you. Would you like to send me nudes please?”

This time, she went so far as to share her reply which read: “No. On the other hand I will be able to send screen grabs to your parents. You’re not ashamed to hang around on social media asking for ass pics from [porn] actresses?

“13 years old. Reflect on your actions, go do your homework and don’t contact me again, otherwise I’ll send [the screen grab to your parents].” Bet he was bricking it after that.

People on social media praised Nikita for her honesty, saying she had ‘nothing to justify’.

“Thank you for having made this warning about children and their sexual behavior linked to the dangers of access to all types of content online without control,” one mum wrote.

“I’m a mother of a 13-year-old teen … Our teens are undergoing sexual pressure on social media.”

“Big support to @NikitaBellucciX!” another wrote. “I hope with all my heart that habits and customs will eventually evolve a little. Fed up with being denigrated by our lifestyle choices. It’s our body, full stop. Nothing to justify.”

Nikita seems quite a smart woman, having previously criticized the porn industry for expecting porn stars to ‘open your thighs, look beautiful and shut up’.

Someone should send those randy teenagers to bed.

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