Fugitive Mafia Boss Caught In Ultimate Hideout: His Kitchen Cupboard


A fugitive Italian mafia boss has been caught after evading police for some five years by hiding in his kitchen cupboard, which is, you know, one way to do it.

Footage of Antonio Pelle cursing at authorities as he was pulled out from behind his sugar cabinet went viral Thursday. Pelle, also known as “Mamma,” has been a wanted man ever since escaping from his hospital bed in 2011 while serving a 20-year sentence for arms and drug trafficking. He’s since been on Italy’s top 10 most dangerous fugitives list, wanted in connection with the ‘Ndrangheta mafia, which is linked to illegal drug operations in South and Central America, Canada and the United States. One feud the mob was involved in left six dead in the German city of Duisburg.

Pelle had apparently cut a hole in his kitchen cupboard and outfitted a secret crawl space with a small mattress and pillow, toilet paper and a portable fan.

“Fifty of us searched the two-story villa where Pelle had always lived, but it took a very attentive eye to discover his hiding place,” police commander Francesco Ratta said, according to The Guardian.

I don’t know though, guys. By the looks of it, that hole in the cupboard was pretty obvious. If authorities can be evaded that easily, future mob bosses on the lam may be wise to try out the hallway pantry and/or under the dining room table.

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