Fund ‘Raising Money To Prosecute Maddie McCann’s Parents’ Under Investigation

Fund ‘Raising Money To Prosecute Maddie McCann’s Parents’ Under Investigation


Police are reportedly investigating claims that a GoFundMe page raising money to privately prosecute Madeleine McCann’s parents is fraudulent.

The page was set up by Adam Cruz, ostensibly to raise £1.5 million for legal action against Kate and Gerry McCann reports the Daily Star.

The page states: 

I am raising funds to bring a private prosecution against the parents of Madeleine McCann.

Lets deliver the justice that Madeline McCann deserves.


With pledges totalling around £20,000 already having been donated it looked like the page was gaining momentum.

However, reports have now emerged that police are investigating the page amid claims the money isn’t being used as promised. It has now disappeared from the GoFundMe website and Cruz was blocked by Facebook administrators.

Last month the McCanns were given fresh hope after receiving £100,000 of government money to continue their search.


Since her disappearance from Praia da Luz, Portugal, in 2007 there have been 8,685 reported sightings of Maddie across over a hundred countries.

According to the Daily Star, a spokesman for the McCanns said they would not be commenting on the GoFundMe page and The Sun has contacted police for comment.


Earlier this month it was reported that a man obsessed with Madeleine McCann is running tours based around her disappearance for tourists.

The morally dubious tour takes people to the apartment in Praia Da Luz where the three-year-old was last seen and the bar where her parents were that night.

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The government helped these fuckers bury the truth. Think I’ll go contribute right now.

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